14, Apr, 22

VIN Decode for Pinnacle Professional

Hollander is pleased to announce the launch of a VIN decode service integrated within Pinnacle Professional, to assist Pinnacle users with improving data accuracy and input efficiencies.

The data used for the service is currently provided by IHS Markit (Polk), and the service is available from various sections of the Pinnacle system. We have been testing the service since January, as a soft/’pre-launch’, so you may already have noticed data being populated on some occasions if you’ve accidentally clicked the appropriate button, or have preferences set to automatically trigger, but the service has now been thoroughly tested, fine-tuned and is ready for general use.

We have produced a short overview video above, below you can find a quick overview of the functionality, followed by a link to a more comprehensive guide, detailing the options available to you for utilising the service.

The main objective of the VIN decode function is to populate key attributes on the Pinnacle MVR screen, which in turn can be used to provide users with more information about the vehicle, and very importantly, filter out irrelevant options from the Pre Dismantle Reports (PDR’s), significantly simplifying the inventory process. In many cases, your PDR reports may half in size or better.

To use the service, simply:

  • Enter a VIN on the MVR screen
  • Click on ‘Decode VIN’
  • Review the data returned on the VIN information screen
  • Click Import to pull the data automatically into the MVR screen.

By importing this data into Pinnacle automatically, you will avoid potential mis-input of data, provide more information to your inventory and sales teams, and help improve efficiencies in the later stages of inventory.

View our full guide for more information on using the feature, more detail on the overall benefits, how best to configure the system for your business and some important notes for Owners / Managers.