14, Apr, 22

Hollander International are delighted to announce version 19.1 of the Pinnacle Professional yard management system will be available soon to all users in Australia and New Zealand. Currently going through beta, customers can look forward to a range of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

As always Pinnacle Professional updates are free and made available to all users unless detailed otherwise. As part of this Pinnacle release, the development team have focused on increasing efficiency around many of the day to day processes you rely on Pinnacle for supporting during the inventory process.

New Features

There are 7 new features being added to Pinnacle as part of version 19.1.

  • The ability to see IC images on Modify/Edit parts screens. Helping users identify parts we have included a new button called “IC Images” which when clicked shows images associated with that part and interchange.
  • Ability to create a tag number for all parts when added to inventory including Y and U stats parts.
  • Changes to “Find parts” to support searching for unresolved parts when searching for a specific interchange.
  • Ability to colour code unresolved parts from the look and feel menu within Pinnacle.
  • AU Recall system – It is now possible to check if a vehicle in your Pinnacle system has a recall notice issue against it. A subscription is required for this additional feature and is available in Australia only.
  • Parts in resolution can be put on a work order. users are now alerted to any parts on an order form that are in resolution or have recall notices (AU only).
  • Basic stats now included in the MVR/Parts tab for any part that has an IC number.



  • VIN Decode gets additional enhancements to the user experience. The VIN decode results table can now be sorted by clicking on the table header rows.
  • VIN Decode now utilises improved manufacturer field matching to enhance model matches.
  • VIN Decode – CVT and DSG gearboxes on decoding now populate the MVR with “automatic” as the transmission type.
  • Surcharge Pricing – New order wizard for creating and storing a surcharge fee.
  • eBay listing – The Item Specific ‘Tag Number’ will show ‘N/A’ if no tag number is present.
  • We have added Vendor and Invoice# to the P3 report (Purchase Order Detail).
  • Better security for managing and checking user privileges.
  • New filter options added to the control centre to help you identify unpaid orders.
  • Additional functions added to the “Export CSV” function allowing for the export of data from Pinnacle to a CSV document.

Bug Fixes

As part of the 19.1 Pinnacle release, we have squashed a number of bugs reported by customers since the last release. Here are the key bug fixes we are addressing as part of Pinnacle 19.1:

  • eBay Listing errors
  • Manual pricing error on T20
  • Error saving T18 report to Excel
  • Adding location to part in Modify parts needed to be actioned twice
  • Unable to see images on Pinnacle Net
  • T16 Report: COG
  • PO Pricing changes with WO’s.
  • Occasional alert message when opening brokerage WO’s
  • Removed “USD” from the input parts screen
  • Locking issue
  • Wildfly start-up issue
  • Markplaats
  • Android Inventory Pro – Public Comments
  • Android Inventory Pro – ignores default status defined in PDR
  • Inventory Pro: Sub-Assy parts marked as in resolution getting detached from Master Part.


As you can see there is plenty to look forward to with the next release of Pinnacle and we can’t wait to get it to you in the coming weeks.

As we get closer to general release we will share guides and training material covering the new features, enhancements and bug fixes listed above to support your teams with what’s new and to help you make the most of these new features.