14, Apr, 22

Hollander International are proud to announce the 2019 Auto Recyclers Conference will be presented by the Auto Parts Recyclers Association of Australia (APRAA) in conjunction with Hollander.

As an industry association of the Motor Trades Association of Australia (MTAA), APRAA brings a wealth of business member knowledge, industry expertise and collaboration to this must-attend event for auto parts, dismantlers and recyclers. Hollander are proud to be associated with APRAA and MTAA in reinforcing their role in the Australasian Auto Recycling Industry to support the development and growth of the association and its members.

MTAA CEO, Richard Dudley said that following positive feedback received after the 2018 Auto Recyclers Conference, APRAA and MTAA and its State and Territory Association Members were again pleased to be a sponsor of the 2019 event.

‘Our APRAA auto parts, dismantling and recycling business members are facing many challenges, but also significant opportunities in the short to medium term.  MTAA, its State and Territory Motor Trade Association and Automobile Chambers of Commerce Members and their auto parts, dismantling and recycling business members, through APRAA, are working across many fronts to ensure the auto recycling industry is ready to seize these opportunities,’ Dudley said.

APRAA and MTAA is undertaking extensive work in the development of a policy and regulatory framework to realise a harmonised and collaborative End-Of-Life Vehicle (ELV) process to deal with more than 700,000 vehicles coming off Australia’s roads each year.

APRAA and MTAA is working closely with other international associations including: ARA (USA), ARC (Canada), JARA (Japan), MUVATA (Malaysia) and VRA (UK) to increase cooperation and collaboration globally and provide a unified voice for common issues impacting auto recycling. This includes proper recognition of auto recycling with vehicle recalls at the start of the process; the proper role of parts recycling in contributing to positive environmental outcomes; highlighting illegal operators who are harming the industry and consumers; harmonised standards and access to global education and training knowledge banks.  Be part of APRAA to be part of the global automotive recycling community.

APRAA will be communicating to their members separately with an exclusive ticket offer. If you are not currently an APRAA member and would like to learn more simply visit for more information.

Secure your tickets today for the 2019 Auto Recyclers Conference presented by APRAA in conjunction with Hollander.