14, Apr, 22

Since launch in November 2018, has been growing steadily to become the largest source for wrecker parts across Australia and New Zealand. Enabling potential consumer or business customers a single destination to shop for replacement auto parts with the convenience of an online store. 

With the latest release of, we are calling version V2.0 we are enhancing the website further. Enabling a simpler more intuitive navigation for users across all devices. As well as the layout and cosmetic changes to make it easier for customers to find your parts. Below we are detailing the specifics on what we are doing to benefit you as a Pinnacle user and in addition how these changes support the online user experience using the site.


Key Features / Changes

1 – Searching by Interchange in a clear and intuitive way. 

With V2.0 we are making IC a clearer option to search on. Previously on a search results screen, a user would have to select the year, make, model and part type on the filter menu to enable IC to be a selectable option. With V2.0 we are moving these options to a new prominent search box. A user can now select each element in order to prompt for IC to be selected. The search results are then populated on screen in real time as the user selects the vehicle and additional details. We believe this change to the user experience will greatly improve a users ability to find the right part first time.



2 –  IC in more places

In addition to the change above we have also made IC a secondary feature below part titles on the listing on all parts. Now when a user sees a part either on the product search results screen or on a product page the IC line will be shown below the part title. As a result, we are enabling knowledgable users an additional way of identifying the fitment of a selected part and its compatibility.



3 – Enhanced Product Pages


Our product pages have evolved since launch and to date, we have made changes that aid the user experience and maximise the visibility of parts online. With V2.0 we are making our biggest change to date. There are a lot of updates to our product page to cover, here are the key changes:

  • Firstly we are increasing the amount of information available to customers when viewing a part page. Easier to Read, Clearer to see key purchase points.
  • Supplier information previously was only viewable when the page was scrolled, now this information is directly in view with one click. We suspect this will help generate more enquiries to suppliers for parts.
  • Your logo is now shown on part pages. We heard the feedback that you wanted your parts to have more of a presence. To do this we have added your logos to your part listings. Great for helping promote your brand on the site. This is also beneficial for users looking to find parts from a particular supplier. Check below for information on how to add your logo via Pinnacle if you haven’t yet done so.
  • You can now filter results by a supplier. This is to support customers finding parts faster and also aid in supporting repeat custom. If a customer gets a great part with great service from yard A they are more likely to purchase a part from that supplier the second time around. We are making this easier for a customer to do. It is also a nice quick way for you to see how your parts look on the site.
  • Hero icons on product pages. We are pulling out 6 key bits of information from your part listing and showcasing them above the part description. Making it easier to read than a wall of text. Hero icons also now include part location to town level as well as showing colour code and stock number.
  • We are also creating a new widget on the product pages that will show parts from the same vehicle. This is based on the stock code of the part listing.


If you have not added your company logo to your company configuration screen within Pinnacle Professional your logos will not appear on your part product pages on To add a logo is simple and you can do this with a couple of clicks within Pinnacle. Simply navigate to the company configuration screen shown below and select “Choose logo” within the logo box as shown below. Click the file you want and select “Open”. Your logo will be added to Pinnacle and our team will add this to your part listings.



4 – Shipping updates

  • We have improved the user experience with the shipping widget to avoid mistakenly selecting “Click and Collect” as a delivery option.
  • There is now a step by step journey to getting a delivery cost, removing the risk of user error or not getting an accurate result.
  • There is now a new toggle for “Local pickup” to avoid users choosing a shipping option then selecting click and collect in error.
  • Shipping widget has been updated for mobile and tablet for better usability and offers a simple step by step journey.


5 – Improving site performance and usability across Mobile and Tablet

  • With V2.0 the biggest changes we made were to address some of the responsive issues across mobile and tablet devices. With the new designs, we have brought the site a modern clean and fresh look and feel that is supported across mobile and tablet.
  • These designs are bespoke depending on the device you are using, making the website a great experience no matter what device you are using.
  • With regards to performance, we have made numerous changes to how the site performs to ensure a fast load time for all users.


6 – New Part Request Page

  • We have updated the “no parts found page” to be more in line with the site’s look and feel whilst encouraging users to complete a part request form.
  • This page now states the benefits of completing a part request and upon submission is sent to our supplier’s inboxes.


7 – Navigation improvements sitewide

  • We have designed a new site header that now includes a search bar enabling a user to start a part search from anywhere on the site.
  • The new site header has new iconography but crucially is faster.
  • Breadcrumbs have been added throughout the part search journey allowing for a user to easily retrace their steps. This is also a small enhancement for SEO on the site.


These are 7 of the key feature and design updates that have arrived with V2.0 of We are delighted with the progress the site has been making since launch and as the largest online marketplace dedicated to recycled parts we are best placed to compete effectively leveraging the power of PinnacelNet and Pinnacle Professional to expand our customer’s online parts presence.

Our development roadmap will continue and we will share more information on some anticipated features you have been requesting in due course. However, if you have a suggestion or feature you believe would add value please get in touch via the usual support channels and we would be greatly for your feedback and input.